Traditional Window Cleaning
We use the traditional method of cleaning windows which involves cleaning the glass with hot soapy water and a squeegie. We feel that this is the best method because we get to see the finished result instantly, and it doesnt leave streaks or spots like the waterfed pole can. We clean all window frames on the first clean, and then wipe all window sills and t-bars as standard on all subsequent cleans. 

Commercial Customers

We have a growing porfolio of commercial customers ranging from large factories and office buildings to small retail units. we use the traditional method of cleaning as a rule, but we do have the equipment to do it by waterfed pole if your business requires this. We can arrange a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly service depending on your requirements.

Health and Safety.

We take health and safety very seriously. If your business requires it, we will provide you with a full risk assesment and method statement for your premises, and of course we are fully insured for public and employer liability. 



Commercial Window Cleaning

We have built a large portfolio of commercial clients. We service all types and sizes of commercial premises, from small shops and office units to large industrial factories and business parks.

Ground level windows are cleaned by hand using the traditional method of cleaning, while high and difficult to access windows are cleaned using the reach and wash pole fed system.


Work completed to the highest possible standard

All staff receive accredited COSHH, working at height and health & safety training.

Fully Insured

Site Specific RAMS will be created for your site

Competitive Pricing to suit your budget

Just a handful of our clients

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